The Christiaens Group “the power of combined experience”

Christiaens Group is a global leader in setting up turnkey solutions for mushroom farms and compost yards.
Our company is located in Horst, The Netherlands – the international center for mushroom cultivation and research.
The company started making machines for the mushroom industry since 1971 and expanded their expertise over the years in all areas related to mushroom cultivation.

The disciplines are:
Engineering: engineering (complete) projects in the mushroom and waste industry.
Construction: everything related to the construction of mushroom farms and compost plants.
Technical installation: airhandling systems and technical installations for creating the right climate as well as odor management.
Controls: control technology for all processes in mushroom growing and composting.
Machines: designing and building good / strong machines for composting and mushroom cultivation.


–           New development: Drawer System for high efficient growing and harvesting
–           Logistic systems for handling mushrooms
–           New development: Tilting Shelves System
–           All kind of machines for efficient production of compost
–           All machines needed for filling and emptying growing rooms
–           Technical installations for compost production and mushroom growing
–           Control systems for machinery, growing rooms, watering systems etc
–           Complete buildings suitable for mushroom industry
–           Engineering and design of mushroom facilities
–           Complete buildings suitable for production of compost
–           Engineering and design of composting facilities

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